Todo Dry-break

Article number Inch Material Extra
1-5002E-4407 2 SS316 / Viton Tank unit
1-9200G-4407 2 SS / Viton Hose unit
I-5532F-2407 3 Brass Hose unit
I-5632G-1307 4 Aluminium Hose unit
I-5632G-2407 4 Brass Hose unit
I-5632H-2407 4 Brass Hose unit
I-5635B-1407 4 Aluminium Cap
I-5635B-2407 4 Brass / Viton Cap
I-5636-1000 4 Aluminium Cap
I-5636-2000 4 Brass Cap

Product beschrijving

The Todo Dry-break is particularly proud of the Todo-matic range of Drybreak couplings. Trusted around the world to transport highly valuable and aggressive products under most conditions in tank car loading and unloading or by rail, offshore, ship-to-shore transfer and more. Todo-matic sets the standard for the industry. Higher profit margins and safety are assured with the Todo-matic range, minimal loss after disconnecting the product and spillage is virtually zero. Less product waste means more product delivered to your customers and more money for your organization. Todo-matic couplings are extremely reliable, with very few moving parts and very little operator intervention, thus reducing the risk of human error. Customers enjoy dramatically improved operational and fugitive emissions performance, as well as all products meeting the highest safety standards, including European Directives 97/23/EC (PED) and 94/9/EC (ATEX).

Additional information

Thread type

BSP, Flanged, NPT


Female thread

Diameter connection (DN)

50, 75, 80, 100

Fittings Material

Aluminium, Brass, SS316, Viton

HS Code (Intrastat)


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