Steinco Bitec Series 125E

Steinco Bitec Series 125E

Article number Inch Connection Pillar (mm) Photo number
NOWK0 1/4 Female 1
NOWL0 3/8 Female 1
NOWM0 1/2 Female 1
NOWA0 1/4 Male 2
NOWB0 3/8 Male 2
NOWC0 1/2 Male 2
OMF0P 1/4 Female 4
OMFQ0 3/8 Female 4
OMFR0 1/2 Female 4
OMFB0 1/4 Male 5
OMFC0 3/8 Male 5
OMFD0 1/2 Male 5
N0WU0 Pillar 6 3
N0WV0 Pillar 8 3
N0WX0 Pillar 10 3
NOWY0 Pillar 13 3
OMF10 Pillar 6 6
OMF20 Pillar 8 6
OMF40 Pillar 10 6
OMF50 Pillar 13 6

Product beschrijving

The combination of sliding valve (blue bush) and quick closing (small bush) makes the operation and safety function of the BiTec so unique. The connection works less pressure, the only resistance to get over it is the force of the spring. Pushing the typical blue canister forward must be done to achieve the built-up pressure. In this position it is impossible to interrupt the connection due to error or consultation. Two things happen when the sliding valve: is returned to the starting point. The hose is vented and the connection can be separated. This is a safety factor that is: well accepted by the German employers’ liability insurance association.
Naturally, the BiTec meets the requirements of DIN ISO 4414 and DIN ISO 6150 B. With the Steinco brand.

Single elimination.
Working pressure: 1 – 20 bar.
Temperature: -20°C to 100°C.

Additional information

Diameter connection (DN)

6, 10, 12

Working pressure (bar)


Length (mm)

6, 8, 10, 13

Material color

Blue, Silver

Temperature range (°C.)


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