Nozzle Unifire

Article number Type Diameter  Threadtype Comment
FSUNIFIREP12 V12 50 Male with gun
FSUNIFIREP16 V16 50 Male with gun
FSUNIFIREV10 V10 50 Male
FSUNIFIREV10F V10 25 Female
FSUNIFIREV12 V12 50 Male
FSUNIFIREV16 V16 50 Male
FSUNIFIREV18 V18 50 Male
FSUNIFIREV20 V20 50 Male

Product beschrijving

The Unifire V-Series nozzles are widely used for all kinds of offshore maritime applications. A truly multi-functional nozzle, the Unifire offers excellent performance in jet or spray mode, ensuring a constant water flow regardless of spray angle. The robust design is highly resistant to corrosion and perfectly suited for use in harsh, salt-rich environments. Incredibly reliable, the Unifire can withstand heavy professional use, ideal for general firefighting, cleaning, cooling and dust control. Supplied as standard with 2” BSP male inlets for compatibility with all international inlet adapters. The Unifire nozzle is globally compatible for use with existing mainline hoses. Available in five models – V10 / V12 / V16 / V18 / V20.

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