Kamlok seal PU

Article number DN size Material Color
JKRUBPZ012 12 PU Black
JKRUBPZ019 19 PU Black
JKRUBPZ025 25 PU Black
JKRUBPZ032 32 PU Black
JKRUBPZ038 38 PU Black
JKRUBPZ050 50 PU Black
JKRUBPZ065 65 PU Black
JKRUBPZ075 75 PU Black
JKRUBPZ100 100 PU Black
JKRUBPB012 12 PU Blue
JKRUBPB019 19 PU Blue
JKRUBPB025 25 PU Blue
JKRUBPB032 32 PU Blue
JKRUBPB038 38 PU Blue
JKRUBPB050 50 PU Blue
JKRUBPB065 65 PU Blue
JKRUBPB075 75 PU Blue
JKRUBPB100 100 PU Blue

Product beschrijving

The Kamlok seal PU is a seal made of the material PU (Polyurethane) in black and blue.
These seals are suitable for Kamlok couplings.

Additional information



Material color

Black, Blue

Seal material


Diameter connection (DN)

12, 19, 25, 32, 38, 50, 65, 75, 100

HS Code (Intrastat)


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