Fire hose Eurostar Blue

Article number Inner diameter (mm) Roll length (meters)
EBMC0380 38 20
EBMC0452 45 20
EBMC0500 52 15/20/25/30/50
EBMC0650 65 10/15/20/40
EBMC0750 75 20
EBMC1000 102 20
EBMC1102 110 20
EBMC1500 152 20
EBMC2000 203


Product beschrijving

Robust fire hose

High quality flat hose for fire fighting operations. With an extra synthetic PU coating on the outside for increased wear resistance. Round woven jacket consisting of 100% synthetic yarn with high tensile strength, with an inner lining made of a vulcanized high-quality EPDM compound.

– Lightweight flat hose

– Low friction loss

– High aging resistance

– Coating for improved resistance to oil, chemicals and dirt

– Cold resistant up to -40°C

– Heat resistant up to +100°C

– Easy maintenance and handling

DIN 14811 Class 2

BS 6391:1983 Type II

Russian Maritime Register

Standard color red, other colors on request

Relief version for better wear resistance

Individual marking available

Linking with international links possible on request

You can request other diameters via the quote button on this page or by calling our sales team.

Additional information





Material color


Working pressure (bar)


Burst pressure (bar)


Hose Material


Temperature range (°C.)


Inner Diameter (mm)

38, 45, 52, 65, 75, 102, 110, 152, 203

Roll Length (meters)

10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50

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