Fire hose Durastar Red

Article number Inner diameter (mm) Working pressure (bar) Roll length (meters)
EDURA0380 38 17 Op aanvraag
EDURA0450 45 17 Op aanvraag
EDURA0500 52 17 Op aanvraag
EDURA0650 65 17 Op aanvraag
EDURA0700 70 17 Op aanvraag
EDURA0750 75 17 Op aanvraag
EDURA1000 102 15 Op aanvraag
EDURA1250 127 10 Op aanvraag
EDURA1500 152 10 Op aanvraag

Product beschrijving

Fire hose for, among others, the fire brigade, in industry (including mines and petrochemicals), in agriculture and in shipping

Heavy duty fire hose with excellent performance. The grooves on the outside of the hose make it extra resistant to abrasion.
The hose is also resistant to heat, ozone and bad weather conditions. Furthermore, the hose is resistant to chemical products and is insensitive to hydrocarbons.
The hose itself is very flexible and very easy to use.

Standards: DIN 14811 Class 3, BS 6391:1983 Type III and Russian Maritime Register
Temperature (Fahrenheit): -31°F/ +316.4°F

Additional information





Material color


Hose Material


Inner Diameter (mm)

38, 45, 52, 65, 70, 75, 102, 127, 152

Working pressure (bar)

10, 15, 17

Roll Length (meters)


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