Coupling Kamlok MNL 633E – Aluminum Hose Pillar

Article number Diameter Material Comment
JA3E012 15 Aluminium
JA3E019 20 Aluminium
JA3E025 25 Aluminium
JA3E025RS 25 Aluminium RS
JA3E032 32 Aluminium
JA3E038 40 Aluminium
JA3E050 50 Aluminium
JA3E050RS 50 Aluminium RS
JA3E065 65 Aluminium
JA3E075 80 Aluminium
JA3E075RS 80 Aluminium RS
JA3E100 100 Aluminium
JA3E125 125 Aluminium
JA3E150 150 Aluminium
JA3E200 200 Aluminium

Product beschrijving

Kamlok quick couplings are flexible couplings for quickly connecting and disconnecting hose connections. The Kamlok system consists of a male (father) part “adaptor” and a female (mother) part “coupler” with two levers. When you slide both Kamlok parts together and close the handles of the mother part, a leak-free connection is created.

According to material standard: ASG7
Kamlok coupling standards: A-A59326A and EN14420-7
Sealing ring material: NBR (Hypalon, EPDM and Viton possible on request)

RS = is for clamp mounting

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Hose pillar

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